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NO contract and NO minimum months. You can cancel ANYTIME.

Full Access To The On-Demand Course... Including:

50+ hours of video training on the following:

Mindset, Values, Team and Vision 

1. Before you start – Landscape Basics and Personal Drivers

2. Path to Victory (Can I win?): Voter and Issue Analysis

3. Building Your Campaign Team

Your Voice and Ability to Amplify 

4. Message and Platform – Who are you and what will you stand for?

5. Public speaking and Media relations

6. Communications and Advertising – Talking with voters

Tactics and Operations 

7. Ground Game – Finding your voters and getting them to vote

8. Local Laws and Legal Requirements

An easy to follow workbook and action guide for each lesson listed above (totalling a 140 page book) that you can keep for refrencing when you run your campaign

The secret documents and spreadsheets used by the most successful campaign teams

Consultation Call with The Campaign University team and their expert partners to answer questions and guide you on issues specific to your situation

NO contract and NO minimum months. You can cancel ANYTIME.


...40+ more workshops waiting for you inside the course!

Consultation Call

  • Get Your Campaign on track and Fix what's not working By A Team of Experts

  • Diagnose what steps your campaign needs to take

  • Look at your strengths and weaknesses

  • Get Help Accessing Party Leaders In Your area

  • Brainstorm Stratagies That Will Get People on your Side


NO contract and NO minimum months. You can cancel ANYTIME.

Our expert guests help you:

  • See Behind the Scenes of Social Media Ad campaign set up from an Expert Marketer

  • Research resources to find out what the hot issues are in your community so Your Campaign remains Focused

  • Fix Your Story And tell it Better

  • Get Help with your Performance from one of our media trainers

  • Learn How AI can Get you Moving faster and How it Can Attract Your Ideal Voter

Here are a few PEOPLE we've worked with...

“The lessons you will learn in The Campaign University are the same ones George, Mike, and Emile used to successfully win a massive referendum on the future of democracy in Canada. Their savvy campaign strategies took our team from the underdog with no chance of winning to a massive victory in a few short months. Do not hesitate. Their systems work!"

Suzanne Anton

Retired Attorney General in Canada

“Having worked with Emile on several different files and campaigns, I can confidently say he is one of the most effective and efficient professionals I've ever worked with. If you have any communications, public/government relations, or issue management files that need a hand, do yourself a favour and contact Emile and his team"

Adam Miron

CEO and Veteran Political Campaigner

"I've worked with Mike's team on campaigns across North America. He's proven his ability to analyze data and help candidates win at every level of government. In one campaign for the Senate, he helped our candidate rise to a victory of just 8 votes against an incredibly difficult tide. I trust him to be a key member of my team when heading into an election."

Don Millar

Senior Campaign Strategist

NO contract and NO minimum months. You can cancel ANYTIME.